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In order from Oldest to Newest
Includes both Silvers from the Game and the Manga
Does not include my Silvers!



Once upon a time, the whole roleplay fandom of deviantART shipped you two. It wasn't as simple as 'you've reserved this and now we'll have three roleplays and love each other'. It took months for you two to confess, it took NEAR DEATH to confess, and that's just sad.
Things have been looking up for you two. As much as you don't want to leave Kokei with Hibiki because of... issues, and as much as you would like to stay with the two, you would like to move to Hoenn with Kotone, mostly to be by her side, and partially to help with the kid. You are looking forward to this. Though you don't know how to tell Hibiki that you're moving out... you're worried that you'll hurt him. Nonetheless, you are happy you are going to be around Kotone more. It's been a while since you two have been together for long periods of time, after all...




These four are considered the manga HGSS four, even though Kotone doesn't appear in the manga. This was decided by Gold, and you at least go along with that. The trio below this was added on by Gold, and therefore you are technically a part of the HGSS seven.

These three are the true HGSS trio, being from the HGSS games. They are really good friends with each other, at least, you hope. You're good friends with all three of them, and even though you're thinking about running away from 'home', you're currently Hibiki's and Kokei's roommate.

Pokédex Holders

You don't know Red too well. He is the only one of your seniors you don't know.
Green is your senpai. You respect him, but you're not friends. You don't like him too much.
Blue is your sister. You don't want her emotions to affect you, but they do, a whole awful lot, too.

Yellow helped you to find your family. You find her very sweet and you enjoy her company.
Gold is like a brother to you. You find him annoying sometimes, but all in all, you like him.
You don't like yourself at all. You consider yourself a monster, but less now.
You consider Crystal to be extremely close to you, to the point where you'd happily call her your sister. You saved her life multiple times.
Ruby is an alright guy. You're not too close with him, but he thinks your hair is pretty.
Sapphire is... odd. You don't know much about her, but she is a very wild child and likes to mess with your hair.
You don't know much about Emerald. He saved you and your seniors from petrification when you were 13.
Diamond is a cool kid. He can make food you can eat, and he is also in your fandom. He is your favorite junior.
You don't know anything about Pearl.
Platinum is a nice girl. You don't mind her company, and she is very calm and collected.


Giovanni is your biological father. At least, that's what you think, but you're not really all too sure, due to the blood typing mismatch. You rescued him at one point. You refused to take over Team Rocket at first, but after meeting Kamon you decided you would. You're scared of becoming the leader though, and you blame Carr for that. Any wrongdoing your father has done is your fault as well, and you forced the world to share his punishments with you.
Kamon is your biological brother. He seems more likely to be biologically related to you anyway, due to the blood typing match. You met him accidentally, and you heard that at one point he thought he was your clone. But you know he's not. You don't see Kamon as your brother unfortunately, more a close friend. He once hated you, but after his death, he liked you. You really want to prove to him that the Wolfe family is not so bad.
Natural is your biological half-brother, on your mother's side. You see him as a brother and you feel really comfortable around him to act like your childish self. You don't mind embarrassing yourself around him since you don't think he'll ever use it against you. If he does you know that you won't trust him again. You know he won't break your trust though. Somehow, Natural is never there, but oddly enough, he's actually there for you when no one else is, and when no one else was.
You met Blue as a toddler while under the Mask of Ice. You were sort of scared of her, since she wore a very scary mask. She named you 'Silver' after your eye color, and even if your name wasn't really Silver, you probably would've gone under Silver for the rest of your life. Blue went to Kanto to look for her family, while you stayed in Johto. You were hurt by this, and you swore not to let her emotions affect you, but you're not sure that's going too well... though, you've suddenly been really snappy at her.
Gold is a really good friend of yours, even if you didn't recognize anyone as a friend until you were 13. He saved you from being arrested, and he was the one who first set out on the mission to revive the seniors and you from petrification, more specifically you. He was with you and Crystal to help to fight and save Arceus. Even though you live with Hibiki and even though Kamon is your biological brother, Gold will always be your best bro, and you still go to HIS house to watch Proteam Omega, which you're addicted to for good reasons.
She was the first one to try and help you when Kamon committed suicide. You adopted her as your little sister after seeing her resemblance to Kamon. You used to know her as Weegee, like how you used to know Kokei as Kotone. Her real name is actually Juniper, but she doesn't like it. You've been told to call her 'imouto'. You think you did something wrong when you saved her at one point, in fact, you were told, not by her of course, that 'killing is not good', even though you did save Juniper's life.

Close Friends

When you first met Hibiki, he thought you were Kamon. After realizing you weren't, he asked you for money, which you gave. A lot happened since then. And for some time, you didn't trust him, like everyone else. You were one of the first to trust him again, after Kokei did. You are also one of his roommates, along with Kokei. You have a habit of sleeping under his bed, but you believe it's better than sleeping at the foot of it. Hibiki doesn't mind. Apparently it's funny to watch you crawl out from under the bed.
You used to act like Kamon to keep Kotone-- Kokei away from you. That didn't work so well now, did it? She was sort of like a test dummy for that, since it was different to how you treated others at first. You worry about her since she had been through a lot, but even so, you're still not sure why. She reminds you to take your medication but sometimes you choose to ignore these reminders, which is not a good thing. She helped you to stop calling yourself a monster. Problem: Kamon adopted that habit.
You first met her while you were dead. What a nice way to start out! You told her how you were skinned alive. You told her what Kamon told you about your mother. And how you don't know your father too well. And somehow it just escalated from there. You like to talk to her after she's finished school. She's calm, collected, and you like her because it gives you a break from hyper people, even though she herself can be slightly childish at times. Of course sometimes she's weird... but meh.


Okay, so you stole Falkner's badge. But it's okay now, right? You returned it after all. When you first met him for real, you spoke to him about your hatred for people who took things that everyone else already knew existed. In fact, he didn't mind that you spoke a lot more than you normally would, and actually agreed with you on your points. You like to talk to him, about weakness, strength, and other things. You keep tabs on his hair too ssssh--
May was, admittedly, one of your best friends and first friends when you were introduced to this site. You were rather close to her, yet for some reason you kept drifting closer to her and farther away from her really easily, like a boat in rough oceans. You have the feeling you wrecked her life because of how you treated her, and how often you pulled her towards you and pushed her away. You wrecked her life. And you think it's unrepairable. You feel horribly guilty about it.


This girl, Yellow, is kind of... weird. You're not sure how else to put it. She says that you remind her of her doll that goes by the same name, and says that you're exactly like him, though you're not sure how that works. You did read his story, and you were shocked to find it was exactly like yours. You think it's really sad how Pokémon don't exist in her world. She also tried to convince you that SlenderMan was real, and you did throw a marker at his face, but you don't believe in him either way.






To think Hana started out as a nice, albeit overprotective mother... imagine how much the story would've had to progress throughout the time! Ah, yes. Misty killed Hana after Hana killed Kamon and Kokei, and the house became dark and haunted. Even the town's atmosphere seemed to be a bit more gloomy. You did go into the house to rid of the ghost, and you successfully did that, but you died in the process.

Theron didn't know you weren't a monster. He was just doing what he thought was the right thing to do. He did kill a lot of people to kill you, though, but he thought he was doing the right thing, and he was misguided, so you don't blame him for what he did. He's a hunter. He was doing his job. He didn't try to do it again. He doesn't hurt those he doesn't think deserve it. You did something to deserve it. You know that. Again, you honestly don't blame him.

Now this Sylveon is just horrible. You're not the first, you know that, and you're not the last, either. You were tricked, even though you wanted nothing to do with the Sylveon. You went through horrible pain, and now your back, arms and legs are extremely weak. There are ribbons made of your flesh now too, nice, huh? You also have a phobia of Sylveon because of him, though specifically male Sylveon. You feel kind of pathetic, having a phobia of Sylveon over one silly little death, while you are not afraid of ghosts, blades, silver, or anything else.


Location: Hibiki's House, New Bark Town, Johto
Emotions: See bio
Health: Worsening... -Mental health is declining at a really fast rate-
Pokémon Health:
Weavile: Sickly, Not in team
Honchkrow: Half Health
Kingdra: Half Health
Feraligatr: Half Health
Gyarados: Half Health
Rhyperior: Half Health
Pokédex [Vers. VI]

Song: Nonsense Speaker


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"...urgh... Kotone. Stop acting like you don't f-cking care about anything, because I'm beginning to think that you seriously don't care about me or Kokei. Please, Kotone. You can cry to me, I'll always be there to help you and pick you up, I'll always be there when you feel broken. I hate your stupid mask... show me your true self, your true feelings, okay?
Apparently you just can't f-cking see that I DO love-- I..."

Silver is feeling: miserable.
Silver is currently: trying not to cry, in need of help.
Admin is feeling: lonely.
Admin is currently: very very confused.

"...Kamon, I'm sorry you don't like your background... I'm sorry I accept it... I'm sorry. You know, at first, I really didn't WANT to be a part of Team Rocket. I told Giovanni that I wasn't going to be the leader of Team Rocket. After meeting you, and learning about how much you hate your family name, that's when I decided... I'm going to inherit Team Rocket to prove to you that the Wolfe family and Team Rocket aren't ALL bad..."

-Other Stuff/OoC information-

Main: Quiet--Silence.
Admin and Silver are completely different people. Keep that in mind. Silver is not controlled by Admin. He is controlled by himself.
In OOC chat, you may call me Ange, or if you want to be like Silver, you can call me Admin.
I'm Australian. This means my timezone is way ahead of most of you. It also means my seasons are opposite to most of you.
I can make long RP starters. Try not to let this intimidate you! I'm not really that good of an RPer. I'm just good at starters. I cannot do long replies as I can starters.
All images belong to their respective owners.

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And I regret it.
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Current Badge(s): [oh hey falkner revived he actually has to earn it][he has the plain badge i'm just too lazy to put in the img code]

"In the end, no matter how much you ask for help, all you have is yourself."
And you've gotta get used to it. After all everyone is in the same f-cking boat, and leave you, thinking the exact same thing. You can never be helped, no matter how much you ask. So maybe it's fair enough, for your only friend in the world to run away from you...

Your name is Silver Wolfe. You are currently 19 years old and male. You have long red-brown hair and blue-silver eyes. You seem to be very dark and cold at first, but once people get to know you, you can be quite random, cutesy, and you are very innocent.

You may not have much family, but you do love your father and brother dearly. While you can be very shy and while you don't like people too much, you can also see others as family.

You're still not sure what love is, but you do love Kotone Reikon with all your heart. You worry for her greatly. You treat her better than anyone else. You two have gone out for a year, Kotone confessing on September 24, and you a few days later, because your Admin can't get her timing right.

Your DeviantART username no longer suits you. You do not mind nicknames any more, and you especially don't mind Silv. Things that used to annoy you don't annoy you as much, such as people playing with your hair, and being told what to do.

You don't weigh that much, and you are actually pretty short for your age, due to your kidnapping. You like being short, but sometimes you wished you weighed a little bit more, as you only weigh 35 kg (77 lbs). However, you do not like eating. You are about 5'2" in height (158.5 cm). You also cannot eat a lot of foods: if you eat a food you cannot, you will vomit.

You never had good eyesight, and you're colorblind. Petrel didn't really help, in fact, he kind of made it worse. While you did get help from Crystal and Parasee, you still don't have the best eyesight, or speech. You do have both glasses and contacts, but you prefer to use neither. The more tired you are, the more blind you are.

You're asexual and you do not really believe in gender. You try to call people by correct pronouns but sometimes when you're angry and upset, you might forget. You are innocent when it comes to sexual matters and do not understand at all.

You like to crossdress. In fact, you find skirts and dresses very comfortable. Oddly enough, you can also pull off looking like a girl, and so you're not affected by what society thinks, since society doesn't know you're a boy.

You're a real scaredy-Skitty deep down. You're scared of small things, like being left alone, crowds, and other things. Things that are meant to frighten do not affect you at all. You cry, however, when you're left alone for too long. When you're with others, sometimes you may feel left out and lonely. You're also very childish and you love playgrounds.

You tend to faint when under too much emotional stress. You wish you knew why it happened, and you want it to stop, but it's your body's way of dealing with it, and you have fainted from it before.

Due to your bad past, you're scared of masks. You have shown that fear a lot, and you hate yourself for it. You also don't like being confined in any one building and you do have to move around in open spaces to keep yourself sane. You hate crowds.

When you do something wrong, since no one else ever punishes you, you punish yourself by biting yourself until you bleed. You absolutely hate self-inflicted pain, so you think it's the perfect punishment. Another thing you hate is mess. You don't have OCD and would gladly correct anyone if they say that you do, but you are a clean freak, and you don't deny that, either.

Because you turned to stone for months on end when you were 13, you have a habit of tensing up and not moving. Most of the time, it only lasts for a moment, but can last for hours. Your medication, as a side effect, helps to prevent this.

You're not a human, but you're not the definition of a monster either. You are a werewolf, but no one else, with the exception of a few very close friends, knows this. Because you're a werewolf, you're scared of saying 'I love you' to Kotone, knowing that as a result, when you turn on a full moon night, the werewolf side of you will kill her. Or worse, turn her.

Your back is the most sensitive part of your body. It is very scarred, and hurts when it's touched. This is not only due to being beaten when you were young, but is also because of the Sylveon that killed you. Your arms and legs are also weak because of it.

You don't normally sleep, but when you're very tired, you do. You have oneirophobia, which means you have a fear of dreams. Not just nightmares, either. Even sweet dreams terrify you, so essentially every dream is a nightmare to you.

Pokémon, more specifically Sneasel and Weavile, really like you. You carry the scent of a Pokémon and you do like to give them a lot of attention, except when they don't want it. You also have the slight scent of pine forests, but others can't really smell it unless they're close to you.

You are left-handed, but can use your right hand to do things just as well. You are the only one of the Johto Pokédex Holders who throws Pokéballs normally, however, you do it with your left hand, as opposed to your right.

You're still near-mute. You've always been a quiet kid anyway, and you have been whispering for ages, or at least lowering your voice, to try and keep away your stutter. Again, Petrel just made that worse, and again, despite Parasee's help, you're still not 100% with that issue, and can lose your voice extremely easily. You do not talk much to those you don't like or know very well, the only exception being Hana.

Even though you are not a Homestuck character, you have a typing quirk. You type in all lowercase letters and use proper grammar everywhere else. You also use a lot of '...'s except with those you're close to.

You have a mental list of people you trust and talk to. People who are higher up the list are people that you are more likely to talk to when you're feeling down. One day I am going to write and upload that list. Also, I'm going to fix the relations list so that it's completely honest to your trust issues and everything else.

You enjoy writing. But you don't enjoy writing stories, as you find those to be too much of a hassle. However, you love writing haiku poetry, and have written in free verse twice before, and plan to do more free verse poetry in the future, but for now, you are ridiculously into haiku poetry, along with cinquain poetry. You cannot draw, at all, and so, you don't.


||| Love struck | Crushing big time! | Crushing a bit | Loving/Caring | Hyper | Excited | Cheerful | Happy | Calm | Rampage mode | Smackin' a bitch! | Being smacked... | Pissed | Angry | Peeved | Mixed Emotions | Neutral | Okay | So-so | Sleepy | Nostalgic | Confused | Longing | Cold-hearted | Uncomfortable | Upset | Sad | Shocked | Distraught | Crummy | Depressed | Crying | Jumpy | Shaken up | Anxious | Frightened | Paranoid | Scared | Deathly afraid | Unknown |||


||| Perfectly healthy | Healthy | Okay | So-so | Sick | Throwing up | Hurt | Injured | Recovering | Critically wounded | Mortally wounded | Hospitalized | Dead | Ghost | Genderbent | Unknown |||


||| Perfectly Healthy | Healthy | Okay | So-so | A little off | Hearing voices | Seeing things | Losing his mind | Crazy | Insane | Never coming back | ??? | Unknown |||


||| Sick | Relationship problems | Being beaten up | Genderbent | Other | None |||


I thought that you said that we were friends.
That we were siblings.
That you trusted me.
I know I broke that trust...
I understand that.

But I thought you told me, that you wouldn't care if I lied to you.
I thought you told me that nothing would really bother you anymore, because that's how close we were.
I thought we were that close.
And oh, was I wrong.

I thought you said that I gave you too many chances.
Isn't that hypocritical?
To say I give you all these chances, and then not give me one?

I love you.
And I understand if you wanna leave me like Mason did.


Believe - Hollywood Undead


||| 10 | 9 | 8 | 7 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | 0 |||

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